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By Jack Canfora

July 2017
The Wright Opera House

Performed by UpstART April 6-9, 2017 to robust audiences, Jericho hit home with our community.  Special guest artist Jack Canfora made this event unique by performing a role in his own play.  Our production of Jericho was directed by Steve Gallion and performed by Jack Canfora, Ashley King, John Kissingford, Kate Kissingford, Kevin Lowry and Heather Toth.

When Beth accepts her boyfriend’s invitation to Thanksgiving, she has no idea what she is stepping into. His witty, charming, troubled Jericho NY family will serve a nice turkey dinner, along with plenty of revelation, chaos and redemption. Everything is on the table in this funny and moving play about the things that tear us apart… and the things that help put us back together.

"It is a lovely, humorous work with laughs that resolve into a meditation on the pains and satisfactions of living after a tragedy." -The New York Times

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